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Company Spotlight: DreamsLair Entertainment

October 25, 2011

What they do:

Italy-based social games maker DreamsLair Entertainment is a social gaming startup focused on developing mid to hard core games for Facebook and mobile platforms. DreamsLair Entertainment’s vision is to create digital entertainment that that will become synonymous with innovation and social interaction.  Their low costs of their Italian production team ensures a high profit ratio.

Why they will win:

  1. DreamsLair has created artwork that is unrivaled by anything else on Facebook; each scene is rendered so beautifully that Boris Vallejo would be proud.  They have often been called “The World of Warcraft of Social.”  Before coming to us, DreamsLair already had a  team of 13 members.
  2. During the closed beta of their first title Ashtaria, on average users were playing for 1.5 hours per day.
  3. They are ahead of the game in marketing with their strong understanding and vision for social mobile game success.
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