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Company Spotlight: Neko Neko

October 25, 2011

What they do:

Neko Neko is a game development and publishing company specializing in adapting top-rated games from Japan to the US market. Their first game, “’Vanguard Princess,” has seen over 2 million downloads worldwide and will soon be playable on an assortment of cloud-based platforms.

Why they will win:

  1. Neko Neko Founders Taiko Fujimura and Austin Osueke come from an impressive background in comic book publishing, and their diverse network of connections has afforded them exclusice rights to content other publishers have tried and failed to get.
  2. They have built relationships with cloud distribution platforms like Spoon, Amazon, and OnLive.
  3. They have firm understanding of game mechanics and the redesign needed in porting console titles to cloud PC and mobile platforms.
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