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Company Spotlight: Bleacher League

October 25, 2011

What they do:

Bleacher League brings sports fans closer to the game by allowing them to wager virtual dollars (and soon real cash) in real-time, on what their favorite or most hated player will do as they step up to the plate or line of scrimmage, while competing against friends, fans and other team rivals for their bank and position in the leaderboard and earning special bonuses and status for everything they do from being the biggest trash talker to having the longest win streak. Bleacher League is built on a proprietary real-time sports data server (fastest in the market) with approved patents on the data and predictions platform.

Why they will win:

  1. Bleacher League is led by Serial Entrepreneurs and previous VCs they know how to raise (closed $750,000 to date) and manage money (this raise gives them 12 months of autonomy)
  2. They cut high exposure distribution deals with major sports brands guaranteeing several million exposures every month (more details TBA soon).
  3. They have brought on YetiZen mentors Matt Mihaly (considered by many as the father of virtual goods) and Josh Rose (designer of over 12 mobile social games) as designers.
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