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Company Spotlight: Pontaba

October 25, 2011

What they do:

Pontaba is the creator of Starlogic, a 2D and 3D synchronous and asynchronous HTML5 game platform that allows games to be deployed across multiple devices with one click while drastically cutting down development time.

Why they will win:

  1. The founding members of Pontaba are some of the most charming personalities in the games space. Their ability to warm up hostile rooms in seconds makes them natural deal makers.
  2. HTML5 is the next big thing in game development — no charge to developers in appstores, one button deployment, etc — and Pontaba is leading the charge.  When considering Facebook’s next move to an HTML5 based mobile platform, we will see an unprecendented disruption in the gaming industry, and Pontaba is ready to lead the charge.
  3. They have established powerful relationships with reward networks, distribution partners, and monetization networks, thereby incentivizing developers to join their platform.  They already have garnered incredible traction with some amazing partners (more details to be announced soon)
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