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Workshop: James Gatto

October 26, 2011

James Gatto, leader of the Social Media, Entertainment and Technology team at Pillsbury LLP, shared his expertise in patent law and IP strategies with us here at YetiZen. James talked about emmerging business models, marketing strategies, and virtual currency tactics, as well as the legal issues that often arise therein. He described the different costs and benefits of copyrights and patents before delving into a few case examples that clearly demonstrated the issues at risk in virtual games and social media. He talked about the types of assets that can be protected and how to figure out when you should patent something instead of copyright it. He also went over the basics of case law pertaining to video games and made mention of some common misconceptions about the difficulty of filing a patent. James concluded by emphasizing the importance of seeking legal counsel throughout the process. The most important take away from Jame’s workshop taught was the value of accomplishing goals within the bounds of the law.

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